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Welcome to [[ Relaxing Trave ]] the home of the world’s best relaxing music. I’m Margie, and our purpose and passion is to help you relax, unwind and rejuvenate through better sleep, reduced stress, greater concentration and improved mental wellness. ​ ​Our world-class composers produce relaxing music with binaural beats and state-enhancing frequencies to help you relax, sleep, focus, meditate and heal. We combine our music with imagery from the world’s most beautiful locations, ensuring that you will feel a sense of deep relaxation whilst watching them. In addition to our own compositions, we also produce music videos from top classical composers such as Mozart and Bach. ​ ​Subscribe to become part of the [[ Relaxing India ]] community and escape the stresses of day-to-day life. I invite you to email us with suggestions and business enquiries, and click on the links below to purchase our music, visit our website or join us on social media. ​ ​Thank you for your support! Love, Margie.


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