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Frederick | Ganderton LLP

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Are you looking for an attorney that has years of experience in the civil law arena? An attorney that has helped over a thousand clients negotiate a win in their case? If so, look no further than Frederick | Ganderton LLP. Based in Greenwood Village, CO, We represent clients in a variety of civil matters. We can assist you in breach of contract, bad faith litigation, HOA litigation, negligence, misrepresentation, property damage, evictions, and more. Our seasoned attorneys will aggressively fight on your behalf to get you to closure to your case, the settlement you deserve, and a resolution that aligns with your needs. If you've been wronged and are searching for a lawyer with years of trial experience in civil matters, we can help. To find out more about our firm, visit

Frederick | Ganderton LLP

5350 S Roslyn St #430, Greenwood Village, CO 80111

(720) 588-9120


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