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Walkee Paws are the bootie that you need for your dog. With these accessories, you will always know that the paws of your dog will be safe from dirt and germs on the ground. All of our leggings are waterproof and designed to provide protection to your pooch from the elements all around them. Unlike other similar products that will just slip and slide off during the walk, Walkee paws provide a patented design that will cover the legs and connects around the back of the dog to make sure they stay put, providing the best in comfort without the risk of loosing them all the time. At Walkee Paws in New York City, New York, we are proud to provide products that your dog is going to love!

Walkee Paws

215 West 88th Street, New York City, New York, 10024 United States

(301) 892-5533



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