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 Assalamu alaikum
 (Blessing upon u) Mera Naam Mubeen Khan Hai Mai main district Alwar Tahsil Kishangarh Baas Rajasthan Mewat Se Rehne waala hoon ? Hamaara maqsad hai Deen Ki Baaton ko Dunya Ke Har Kone Tak Pahunchaana hai ?
 This channel " Islamic Urdu Mewat " has been created for just one purpose ( serve people ) our mission is to help hopeless people by providing them right tools and stuff that can be used in protection, in healing, in achieving your goals, and more , in other means what we are providing is " Islamic law of attraction " it can be used to benefit others and can also be used to harm others so we request all of you ( please do not use these teachings and techniques to hurt people if you do so only you will be responsible for the outcome, we take no responsibility 
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