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music releted Music is my blood type and I let my soul be responsible for transfusions given and received.Music is the translation of my soul. The music is my external heartbeat and the lyrics are my soul in sweet vibrations; I could sing forever these poetic words, my ode to the universal love and one another, to nature and creation. Yet all of it is right there when in that momentary exchange of glances, when our eyes meet and we smile from within. So though the world may love my music, my words and these songs, music really only lives in those intense moments of love we give without ever trying, those looks that are barely glances, in the bond we made so accidentally. Love is music without volume, but it's also a seed that grows to form infinite branches, roots and blooms, and through my soul, through this sense of intuition that demands a voice, the part of music we can hear, what the world thinks of as music, is born.


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