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Hello Dear Friends, I am Nisha Nauni? This is my Auto Play ? Channel Pahadi Nishu Nauni Vlogs? _________**________**____________

? My YouTube journey started on 27 July 2021?

☺️ And my Ato play journey started on 17th March 2023...


?I am from Devbhoomi Uttrakhand Lives in Chamoli ? Aadibadri


? दुनियादारी से दूर पहाड़ों में बस्ती है, थोड़ा कठिन, थोड़ा मेहनती और जिंदगी भर का सुकून वाली ? जिंदगी इधर कटती है..

____**_____**_______**_________ ? On This Channel i will share PAHADI Lifestyle , Beautiful , Stunning ? Palaces of Uttrakhand, Introduces you to pahadi uttarakhandi culture ❤️ seeing which your mind and heart will feel enlightened or happy..?


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