Community Guidelines

Nudity and Pornography

On AtoPlay, explicit material intended to arouse sexual desire is not permitted. Pornographic content may be removed or channels may be terminated for posting it. Fetish-related videos will be taken down.
AtoPlay prohibits the use of sexually explicit content that features minors and content that sexually exploits minors. We will alert law enforcement organizations, when we come across material that depicts child sexual abuse. Channels that include explicit material in violation of our guidelines risk being terminated. Sex scenes, video games, music, and other real-world, dramatized, illustrated, and animated content are all covered by this policy.
Don't upload anything to AtoPlay that displays:

  1. The portrayal of genitalia, breasts, or buttocks, whether dressed or not, that are intended for sex pleasure. Pornography, the portrayal of sexual actions, or obsessions intended to arouse sexual desire.
  2. Any content that sexualizes someone without their consent such as groping, voyeurism, public masturbation, kissing, etc.
  3. Content intended for sexual satisfaction that shows sexual behavior or sex toys
  4. Don't post any content if you believe it might be against our policies or guidelines!

AtoPlay does not accept thumbnails or any other pictures that go against our policies or guidelines. Images can be found in banners, avatars, community posts, and any other visual AtoPlay features.
Don't post thumbnails that show:
  1. A thumbnail that causes viewers to believe they will see something that isn't actually in the video
  2. Pornographic pictures
  3. Sexual activities, any material that promotes sexual gratification or nudity
  4. Photographs that show unwanted sexualization
  5. Violent or gruesome images

We'll take down your content or channel and notify you through email if your content violates our policies or guidelines. If you repeatedly violate the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate your channel or account. Additionally, if there is a single instance of serious abuse or if the channel is used to violate our policies, we reserve the right to terminate your channel or account.


Some language might not be suitable for viewers on AtoPlay. Videos that display sexually explicit vocabulary, use sexually explicit words in the title, thumbnail or description or use excessive sexual sounds will be taken down.

Hate speech

AtoPlay doesn’t allow content that promotes violence or hate speech against individuals or groups, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, physical disability and religion.

Deceptive activities, Spam and Scams

Spam, fraud, and other dishonest activities that prey on the AtoPlay community are not permitted on AtoPlay. Additionally, we don't permit video whose primary goal is to deceive viewers into leaving AtoPlay for another website.
Scams and other deceptive practices that mislead AtoPlay viewers/community are not allowed on the platform.
If your content fits any of the descriptions listed below, don't post it.
Video spam is material that is repeatedly posted, misleading and accomplishes one or more of the following:

  1. Entices users to click, watch, or visit your website by promising them quick money.
  2. Sends viewers to websites that transmit malicious software, aim to collect personal information, or have other unwanted effects.
  3. Promises viewers something, but actually sends them elsewhere.
Scams: Content promoting "quick money" schemes, pyramid schemes, or cash gifts. Incentivization Spam is content that is used to sell AtoPlay engagement metrics like views, likes, comments, or any other indicator. This kind of spam can also include material whose sole goal is to increase views, subscribers, or other metrics. "Follow for Follow" content where an offer is made to follow to another creator's channel in return for them follow to your channel. Using "Follow for Follow" and/or fake follower programs or schemes to increase channel followership is strongly discouraged. Your channel could get taken down. Also, before any channel is monetized, it is carefully scrutinized to ensure that all requirements are adhered to. If your channel followers are discovered to be fake or part of a "Follow for Follow" scheme or program, it will not be monetized. We encourage creators to focus on building engaging content that fosters genuine interactions within the community.
Comment spam: Spam comments are those that have the sole intent of collecting personal information from readers, deceiving readers into leaving AtoPlay, or engaging in any of the forbidden actions listed above. It also includes posting a lot of duplicate, irrelevant, or repetitive remarks.
This policy is applicable to all AtoPlay products and features, including video titles, video descriptions, videos, comments, etc. Please bear in mind that this isn't an exhaustive list.
Please note that external links contained in your work are subject to the same rules. This can take several forms, such as clickable URLs, etc.


AtoPlay does not accept content that is meant to mimic another person or channel. Additionally, AtoPlay upholds trademark owner rights. It may not be permitted when a channel or the material on the channel raises questions about where the advertised goods and services are coming from.
You can report the channel if you believe that it is impersonating your channel or the channel of another creator.
If your content fits any of the descriptions listed below, don't post it.

  1. Impersonating another channel is creating a channel that closely resembles theirs in terms of their background, profile, or general aesthetic. As long as it is obvious that the channel is intended to mimic the other channel, it need not be perfectly identical.
  2. Personal impersonation: Posting of content that is meant to impersonate another individual.
We'll take down your content and notify you through email if it violates our policies or guidelines. If you repeatedly violate the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate your channel or account. Additionally, if there is a single instance of serious abuse or if the channel is used to violate our policies, we reserve the right to terminate your channel or account.

Fake or Fraudulent Engagement

AtoPlay prohibits any activity that falsely boosts metrics such as views, likes, comments, or other metrics by utilizing automatic systems to manipulate the system.
Channels and content that don't adhere to this policy risk being deleted from AtoPlay.


Users are typically encouraged to participate actively in the AtoPlay community. An AtoPlay account may be taken back without warning if it is shown to be excessively inactive. Inactivity could be characterized as:

  1. A minimum of six months without visiting the website or app or logging in on the website or app.
  2. Not actively engaging in watching or commenting on videos or channels, or having never produced any video content


Content that promotes any kind of weapons, firearms, sell any of those, guidance on how to assemble or make such material are not allowed on the platform.

Illegal activities

Content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities which may include challenges or pranks that pose imminent risk of physical injury are not allowed on AtoPlay.

Illegal marketing

Content which encourages or directly promotes the sale of illegal materials are not allowed on AtoPlay. Such items may include forbidden drugs/narcotics, stolen credit card numbers/passwords, any kind of personal finanical information etc. (including but not limited to copyright laws)

False news

The dissemination of false news is not allowed on AtoPlay. All uploaded content is subject to moderation.

Short videos

At this time, AtoPlay does not permit the upload of videos which are less than sixty (60) seconds in duration.

Please report any activities that do not adhere to our policies or guidelines via email:

AtoPlay reserves the sole right to suspend or remove user accounts, channels, videos, comments, etc. on the platform which do not conform to our policies or guidelines. Furthermore, we are firmly committed to ensuring that you enjoy your experience as you use the platform to share your content with the world.