Frequently Asked Questions

What is AtoPlay?

AtoPlay is a video sharing platform that is focused on Indian content creators and an Indian audience. We wish to enable Indians to easily share their content with each other and the whole world!

Can I upload my content to AtoPlay?

Yes. Anyone can upload their content to AtoPlay as long as they own the content or have permission to use the content.

Is there a video upload size limit?

At the moment, users are allowed to upload files that are as large as 2GB. However, you can upload as many videos as you want to on AtoPlay.

What if my file size is bigger than 2GB?

We suggest that you divide the video into multiple parts and upload the individual parts to AtoPlay.

What video formats do you support?

Supported formats include: mp4, mov, mkv, avi, and mpeg. However, we recommend mp4 for better quality and performance.

Does AtoPlay offer content monetization?

At the moment, we are working on our advertisement system. In spite of this, we encourage you to build your audience so that it will be easy for you to monetize your videos as soon as the advertisement system is ready.

What are the conditions for content monetization?

We will require you to verify account. Also, you are to ensure that the uploaded video, audio and graphics (content) belong to you or that you have been granted permission to upload and use the said content by its rightful owner. Content that does not suit these criteria will not be monetized.

Can I use "Follow for Follow" programs to increase my channel followers?

Using "Follow for Follow" and/or fake follower programs or schemes to increase channel followership is strongly discouraged. Your channel could get permanently suspended. Also, before any channel is monetized, it is carefully scrutinized to ensure that all requirements are adhered to. If your channel followers are discovered to be fake or part of a "Follow for Follow" scheme or program, it will not be monetized. We encourage creators to focus on building engaging content that fosters genuine interactions within the community.

What do I do if someone uploads my content to AtoPlay?

We do not condone any sort of copyright infringement. Reach out to us at Please provide us with details of the video (video title, channel name or the video URL). We will investigate your report and take an appropriate action if we discover that copyright infringement has occurred.

Can I advertise on AtoPlay?

When the advertisement system goes live, you will be able to advertise and communicate with your audience.