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Monetization policy

Earn money with AtoPlay

To earn money on AtoPlay, content creators will need to comply with our rules hereby known as, "AtoPlay Monetization Policies". These apply to all content on AtoPlay.

1. In order to earn money on AtoPlay, you must:

  1. Verify your account (phone verification). Verification may take up to 30 working days from the date of submission.
  2. Comply with all AtoPlay policies E.g. Terms of use, Community Guidelines, etc. These are our rules against sexual, violent, discriminatory, profane or hateful content. However, AtoPlay retains the right to determine to either monetize or demonetize content at our discretion.
  3. Develop an established presence with a clear theme. In other words, a channel must have a clear subject on which it focuses, more than ten (10) non-copyrighted videos and at least two hundred (200) genuine followers (fake followers and "Follow for Follow" schemes will not be considered) before its videos can be considered for monetization. At this time, watch time (hours) is not a criterion for monetization eligibility.
  4. Share original and authentic content. In other words, content shall not be:
    1. Misinformation or false news. Content of this nature may be ineligible or may lose their eligibility to monetize.
    2. Content which user did not create or was not involved in the creation of is not eligible for monetization. In other words, content that is unoriginal or reproduced without making meaningful enhancements, additions or improvements (commentary, parody, creative editing, etc.) cannot be monetized.
    3. Of a prohibited format such as:
      1. . Static videos - Content that contains one static image and little to no motion.
      2. Looping videos - Content that loops and displays the same segment multiple times. Looping content can include GIFs and content of varying lengths.
      3. Slideshows of images - Content that primarily displays static images played in succession.
      4. Text montages - Content that primarily displays still or moving images with overlaid text.
    4. Content which is not consumed by a natural and authentic audience cannot be monetized. If content creators engage in behaviour that artificially amplifies engagement (views, clicks, comments, shares, likes, etc.) with their content, the affected content will be demonetized.
  5. Comply with our Payment Terms
  6. Videos must not contain content that requests viewers to like, dislike, comment, follow and/or subscribe to media, channels, etc. on other video sharing platforms. Videos in violation of this clause are ineligible for monetization.

2. Violations

Individual violations of our rules will lead to the demonetization of the affected content. However, serious or repeated violations could cause the permanent demonetization of the affected user's content.

3. Appeals

It is possible to appeal the demonetization of your content if you believe that it has been incorrectly demonetized. Suah an appeal should be sent directly to our reviews team at reviews@atoplay.com. An appeal can only be made once for each demonetized video on your channel. The reviews team will typically respond to an appeal within seven (7) working days. AtoPlay reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate access to, or discontinue the availability of, its content monetization features at any time. If you've lost access to our monetization features, but you believe you should be eligible, you can submit an appeal.


  1. Payment Details - To earn money on AtoPlay, you must provide your payment details. This includes information such as your bank details for payments and a tax ID(If applicable). This information can be added to your profile via AtoPlay Manager if you’re an admin of the financial entity and a property manager of your app.
  2. Minimum payout is Five hundred Indian Rupees (INR500).
  3. Payout Schedule - Payouts can be requested every forty-five (45) days. Supported platforms are as follows:
    1. PayPal
    2. PayTM
    3. Google Pay
    4. Bank Transfer
    All transfer fees apply and will be borne by the user and not AtoPlay. Furthermore, there may delays in receipt of transferred funds due to service provider processing time. This is beyond the control of AtoPlay.
  4. Payment Currency - Funds generated via monetization on AtoPlay will be paid in Indian Rupees. Furthermore, bank transfer or any payment platform must be within India to recieve payments.
  5. Payment Statuses - The definition of payment statuses are as follows:
    1. Paid: Payment has been sent.
    2. Pending: Payment is waiting to be sent
    3. On Hold: This can happen for several reasons, such as if you've recently changed your payment details
    4. Rejected: Payment hasn't been sent. This can happen if your payment details are wrong or outdated.
  6. AtoPlay may choose to withhold funds at its discretion if it feels that some malaction, fraud or other wrongfuly activity has occurred. If you feel that funds have been wrongfully withheld, please contact us at payments@atoplay.com.