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Hello, I am CHANDAN KUMAR👷‍♀️🧔. 

In this Channel, there is a lot of Jokes🤣😂🤣, Chutcule👌😎😁, Memes😜🙄🙂, Bakchodi👻🤔🤗 IN MY STYLE. 

💯 % Non veg jokes 🥬🥦🥒 😘😂😅👻🤣.

       Different types Jokes

👌 Boy👷‍♀️ N Girl👩‍🦰

👌GF👱‍♀️N BF👨‍🎓

👌Teacher👩‍🎓 N student👩‍⚕️

👌Husband N Wife🎎

👌And many more.........🤔🤔🙄

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