Firse Machayenge Parody Spoof Comedy   Firse Dubayenge by TukRi

Firse Machayenge Parody Spoof Comedy Firse Dubayenge by TukRi

Published: 1 year ago


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Firse Machayenge Parody Students Online Exam Spoof song by TukRi - This song is dedicated to all the students attending online classes and giving online exams during this corona pandemic.Salute to all of them and also respect for the teachers.Also shared my views on the education system,uneployement,skill development and youth power. Hope you enjoy this video.Please like and share the video. Subscribe to this channel for more content like this.

Original Song : Firse Machayenge by Emiway Bantai (2020) #tukri #firsemachayenge #parody #spoof #emiway #bantai #song #comedy #music

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    very good???

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    TukRi . 1 year ago

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