How to do hydrokinesis in hindi




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How to do hydrokinesis in hindi

How to do hydrokinesis in hindi

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Hydrokinesis is the elemental ability to create, control and manipulate water and liquids in general. It varies in molding water in an unlimited variety of shapes, and multiply water molecules, causing liquid to expand, creating even more water. With this ability, merpeople can mold the water in air at will, taking any desired form, whether it's simple water orbs to giant three-headed snakes. They can control the water pressure, hardening water enough to be used as a knife strong enough to slice through solid rock. Merpeople can even create water from mid-air as demonstrated by Rita. 

Merpeople can fill water with energy, making it strong enough to support heavy weights and solid material which would usually sink into the liquid. They are capable of making geysers of water strong enough to support a teenage boy and they can use water to move objects like boats. Merpeople can take control of pipes, hoses and other forms of plumbing. They can make them turn on and off without turning a tap and they can control the intensity of the water. Cleo often soaked her sister Kim by making water rush out of the sink. Merpeople with this ability may be able to sense or "feel" the water without touching it, sensing its presence and knowing which direction it is going in. Cleo displayed this ability twice. When she was aiding in Miriam's revival, she described using her abilities to make Miriam's bodily fluids move as feeling "weird". When Hector was trapped in the drains in a bubble of Moon Water, she could sense where his bubble was and which direction it was going.

One of the most extraordinary uses of hydrokinesis was seen in the episode "Turn the Tide". Merpeople can fill a ball with magic, granting it a degree of sentience and allowing it to float and fly with great speed without the mermaid or merman having to focus on it to keep it afloat. This is often used to sharpen a merperson's reflexes. The magical Moon Water that comes from Moon Pools hold the power of the moon itself, however, it is difficult for a mermaid or merman control it.

The hand movement for this power is a free flowing hand between a rigid hand and balled-up fist. This may represent the state of water in between frozen and boiled. It may also represent the flowing movements of water and the movement of water molecules in the liquid state. If a merperson with this power is in the Moon Pool during a special planetary alignment on a Full Moon, it is enhanced to Aerokinesis. #hydrokinesis #watermanipulation #waterpower #howtodohydrokinesis #hydrokinesishindi #psychicworld #meditation #thirdeye #Meditate #superpowers #Spiritual

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