how to do chronokinesis in hindi




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how to do chronokinesis in hindi

how to do chronokinesis in hindi

Published: 7 months ago


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Space-Time Manipulation

Balder, the god of beauty and joy, has the power to manipulate space-time. This allows you to move through time periods, that is, travel to the past and future, you can also speed up the time of certain places without interfering with time in general, an example of this was when you made the plants from the nursery of Fair Haven grew by speeding up time in that place.

Send to the Past

Odin, with all the power he stole from other gods, was able to send Freya and her two sons, Killian and Bran, to the year 1692 so that they died during the Salem trials and could not be reborn.

To stop time

It is possible that Balder tried to stop time to prevent the bridge from being destroyed but because his powers were no longer so strong it was impossible.

In the series, Ivar has a spell that allows him to "freeze time", when he uses it it seems that only mortals freeze. #cronokinesis #timemanipulation #cronokinesisinhindi #superpower #timestone #psychicpower #supernaturalpower #superpower

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