how to do electrokinesis in hindi




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how to do electrokinesis in hindi

how to do electrokinesis in hindi

Published: 7 months ago


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Electrokinesis is the ability to control electric current with your mind. This refers both to AC, DC ans static electricity. You can learn electrokinesis using the power of your subconscious mind.

Are you electrokinetic?

Electrokinesis is closely related to weather control so electrokinetics tend to be able to attract lighting and electrical storms. The ability to electrokinese is closely related to skin capacitance. If you find yourself “zapping” yourself or others, there is a good chance that you are naturally electrokinetic.

Electrical devices are such an important part of our daily lives so developing electrokinesis can be a major help in making life easier. Electrokinesis can be used to charge cell phones and batteries. Electrokinesis can also be used to control your TV set or make broken electrical devices work.

Electrokinesis is fairly easy to learn, but difficult to master. Like all abilities, your subconscious mind plays an important role. Being electrokinetic can also help you become more resistant to DNA damage from electrical mishaps.

Like pyrokinesis, electrokinesis can be a highly destructive ability. If you know that you are electrokinetic, it is important that you learn how to control your ability. #electrokinesis #electrokinesisinhindi #electrokinesishindi #mindpower #psychicpower #supernaturalpower #superpower #electricshield #power #brainpower

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