I Will Guess Your Age (2021) - Crazy math trick! Maths Magic Tricks Guessing Someone's Age Art Of Mathematica

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I Will Guess Your Age (2021) - Crazy math trick!  Maths Magic Tricks  Guessing Someone's Age  Art Of Mathematica

I Will Guess Your Age (2021) - Crazy math trick! Maths Magic Tricks Guessing Someone's Age Art Of Mathematica

Published: 5 months ago


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THIS VIDEO WILL GUESS YOUR AGE. In this video we take a look at some of the best mind tricks and optical illusions. This also includes riddles that only a genius can solve. We also take a look at a trick where I will guess your age and number. These mind reading tricks are insane.

Follow the following steps to do the magic :::

Tell someone you're going to find his age...............................

1. Let him know you'll be using your mathematical mind-reading abilities. Give him a calculator if he doesn't want to do the calculations in his head. This trick won't be too impressive with close friends or classmates, since you probably already know their age. Pick someone at least 10 years old and no more than 99 years old.

2. Ask him to multiply the first digit in his age by five. Remind him to do the math silently, to keep his age secret from you. For example, if he is 32 years old, he should take the 3 and multiply it by 5. The answer is 3 x 5 = 15.

3. Add 4 to his answer. Tell him to add 4 to the answer he found. In our example, he would silently add 15 + 4 = 19.

4. Tell him to double his answer. Now your subject should multiply his last answer by 2, and let you know when he's finished. If he's doing the math in his head, ask him "Are you sure?" since people are most likely to make a mistake on this step. 19 x 2 = 38.

5. Have him add the second digit of his age. Next, the person you're "mind reading" adds the last number in his age. Tell him this is the last calculation he needs to do. Since the subject of our example is 32 years old, he would add 2 to his last answer. His last answer was 38, so he calculates 38 + 2 = 40.

6. Ask for his last answer. Have him say the final number out loud, so you and everyone in the room can hear it.

7. Subtract 8 and tell him his real age. Silently subtract 8 from the number he gave you. The answer is his age, which you should announce to the room. ________________________________________________________________________

NOTE : Try some variations. If you perform this trick more than once, people might figure out how it works. Here are a couple variations to keep it mysterious: Instead of adding 4 and later (secretly) subtracting 8, you can add 3 and subtract 6, or add 2 and subtract 4, or even add 25 and subtract 50. Just remember you'll need to subtract twice as much as the original number, because it got doubled in one of the later steps.[2] To really switch it up, try this: double your age, add 2, multiply by 5, and subtract 10. You need both the doubling and multiplication by five to move the first digit of his age (3 in our example) to the tens place where it belongs (3 x 2 x 5 = 30). In our example, 40 - 8 = 32.

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