Blackwell Auctions

Blackwell Auctions

Published: 2 months ago


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At Blackwell Auctions in Clearwater, FL, we accept bids from potential buyers, even if they can’t make it to the auction. We are proud to offer several options for this including online venues, phone bidding, and absentee bidding. To make this happen, we work with the buyer, learning what their maximum price on the item is beforehand. One of our auctioneers will then work to bid on their behalf. Once that maximum is reached, the auctioneer will end the bid for that buyer and it may go to someone else. This is just one of the many great services that we are proud to offer our customers to bring in the most money on an item for our sellers and to make bidding easy for our buyers. 

Blackwell Auctions

10900 US Hwy 19 N, Suite B, Clearwater, FL 33764

(727) 546-0200

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