I made a game inspired by FAUG?!

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I made a game inspired by FAUG?!

I made a game inspired by FAUG?!

Published: 2 months ago


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Hey everyone!

Gaming Industry is rising in India and games like FAUG are representing the potential future of the industry. 

Since everyone was waiting for FAUG's new update with tdm and guns, I came up with a plan.

In this video I try to make a game inspired by FAUG and the Indian Army and test the game in the video. 

The resulting game works good enough but can not be compared to AAA games, I had a good time making the game and the video and would love to hear suggestions on what to do next.


Game Details 

The game, (name undecided) is a multiplayer third-person shooter that will have various modes like battle royale, team deathmatch, 1v1, etc. The game can be played on IOS, Android, and PC.

To give suggestions/ideas or to try a beta version of the game please connect on discord. 

The game is made with unity3d.


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  • Assgenden of town

    Assgenden of town . 2 months ago

    Sir game is bast but you have make some Indian style building and structure

  • Devil Pasta Entertainment

    Devil Pasta Entertainment . 2 months ago

    The game looks awesome I appreciate your hard work bro. You are amazing.

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